Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Is A Panic Attack?

For no apparent reason a sudden episode of intense fear or apprehension grips you and
triggers very real physical reactions.
Panic attacks can be very scary and confusing.
An attack may make you might think you're losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.
This is a panic attack.

If you have had or are having the following symptoms...

* Feeling as if you can't breath

* Chills or hot flashes

* Shortness of breath

* Fear of dying or impending doom

* Numbness or a tingling sensation in hands or feet

* Heart Palpitations

* Derealization (feels like a dream)

* a pounding heart, or a sudden increase in heart rate

* Fear of losing control or going crazy

* Sweating (even when cold)

* Nausea or sour stomach

* Trembling or shaking

* Feeling dizzy or lighted headed (unsure on your feet)

* Chest pain, discomfort or restriction

...You could be experiencing the classic symptoms of a anxiety or panic attack.
Have you or somebody you know recently experience one, a few or all of these symptoms in the past?
It can be quite frightening if you are new to all this.
Relax, you are not alone.

Usually lasting no more than a few minutes, panic attacks are some times debilitating for some people.
The fear of having a panic attack or going crazy especially in public, leads many people to simply hide away and
no longer engage in what would be an otherwise, normal, rewarding life.

This is a sad but true fact for millions of panic and anxiety sufferers world-wide.

A panic attack will not harm you.
What you are feeling is certainly real, but no harm will come to you.
Your heart is racing but no harm will come to you.

Panic and anxiety disorders is one one the most successfully treated conditions out there.
Remarkable success has been seen using cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

CBT works by becoming fully aware of the process of a panic attack and by doing so, being able to
dismiss it for what it really is.

Some attacks are more severe then others and can be nipped in the bud quickly using techniques such as the RTS method.

Barry Joe McDonagh, a pioneer in treating panic and anxiety disorder, explains what a panic attack is
in a little more depth here.

To learn more about the #1 CBT program available in the world, please visit HERE for more information.

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